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This is a proof of concept version of the feature length screenplay A Love Beyond Time.
If you are interested in investing in the feature length film please reach out to:
Producer/Director Samm Musick at


Feature Length Synopsis

'A Love Beyond Time' is an inspirational film for all ages. 

A true story of love and hope that defies the odds!


Wayne tells the heartbreaking, yet inspirational true story about marrying and ultimately losing the love of his life, Wanda, to a rare form of cancer.  Reflecting back,  Wayne takes us on a beautiful and nostalgic journey of finding his faith, fighting the Vietnam war, finding love, building a family, and learning to laugh along the way.         


Ultimately, Wayne is forced to learn the hard lessons of letting go.  The fight had been hard but the battle was over. After a year of fighting for his wife’s life, Wayne was alone, exhausted and disheartened. Although a clinical therapist, he loses his own motivation to live. In overwhelming desperation he cries out, “God, I need a miracle”

Wayne regains hope after God sends Wanda back to visit him in a dream.  We soon learn from Wayne’s neighbor, Helen, that his dream isn’t just his imagination.  Before Wayne can share his dream, Helen recounts to Wayne the same dream from the same night, but hers came with a message from Wanda to Wayne!  More signs follow Wayne’s dream to ensure Wayne that he is not alone as he moves through his grief.

A Love Beyond Time, the movie, shows the all-knowing foresight and love of God to transcend time and space as he answers our prayers even before we pray them! This documented series of miraculous interventions provides an insight into the mind of God-how He thinks about us, loves us and wants to give us sustained hope until we meet him and our loved ones on the other side.

A happy and triumphant faith based version of “The Notebook” with the humor and romance that followed “Forest Gump”.

Based on the book '300 Billion to One!' by Wayne R. Faust.


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