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Providing Everything You Need


Taking Care of Details

Creating a compelling film or video is more than simply point and shoot.  There are so many moving parts in video production that sometimes it's hard to keep track!  

That's where we come in!  We will help you and your team with everything from storyboarding to audio and lighting design, makeup, wardrobe and venue rental.

Don't worry!  We got this!

Staying True to Vision

There's nothing more rewarding for us then helping our clients realize their vision for a project.  In fact, we believe that together everyone achieves more!  TEAM! 

Our goal at Musick Productions is to help you make a product that you will always be proud to showcase!


Check Out Our Reel

We have worked on the sets of TV shows like Southern Sundays, Castle (ABC), CMT, Legends and Lyrics (PBS), and many others.  We have extensive experience with lighting design, set design, camera operation, audio design, music production and video editing.

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